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Korea Queer Festival 2016


Festival Breakdown
Event : the 17th Annual Korea Queer Culture Festival
Period : June 11th(sat)- June 19th(sun), 2016
Slogan : ‘QUEER I AM’, signifying the respect for the existence of queers while combating discrimination and hatred
Program : Pride parade/ Main party/ Korea Queer Film Festival/Special Event 
Organized by : The Organizing Committee of Korea Queer Culture Festival

-official Website : www.kqcf.org
-Facebook : www.facebook.com/kqcf2000
-Twitter : kqcf

Greet with pride. We are Korea Queer Culture Festival Organizing Committee.

Every June, Queer Parades and diverse LGBTAIQ+ cultural event is hosting all over the world. Strengthen the pride and joyful event is present form of pride festival, very first was the desperate shouting for our existence. Still not settled in some countries yet, it is not the past perfect but the currently underway. We should consider where Korea is.

Last long time, social perspective is changed from shade being to become respected citizen in civil society. Public started respect and support LGBTAIQ+ rights and join with solidarity. However, through the Anti-discrimination state and pride parade at 2014, the hatred expression to the LGBTAIQ+ came to the front. And it spread widely through the broadcasting at the 20th National Assembly election. The first half of 2016 is flown with feeling fury and helplessness from unjustified reality. But we should raise out voice of our existence so as not to let the hatred group deteriorate the democratic society based on diversity and respect.

June 2016, the 19th Korea Queer Culture Festival is going to be held.

Time of preparation for event is absolutely lacked because of the spending considerable time to decide date and place. And the committee felt throbbing with the tight budget and movement of the hatred group. Nevertheless, the 17th Korea Queer Culture Festival will raise our pride various place include Seoul Plaza. LGBTAIQ_ is the member of civil society with respect. We support every LGBTAIQ+ in the world. CHEERS!!!!

Main programs
1) Pride parade

When : June 11th(sat), 2016 From 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM
Where: Seoul Plaza (subway line 2, City hall station, exit 5)
Contents : Event Booth – Opening Ceremony – Pride Parade – Closing Ceremony


The parade will start at 4:30 PM, but depending on the situation, the schedule may change. Please follow the instructions given by the MC. 
There will be cars and buses passing by during the parade. Please be careful not to stray from the parade route while taking pictures and enjoying the festivities.
For the safety and precaution of unexpected accidents, please follow the staff’s direction.
When the parade finishes, please immediately proceed into Seoul Plaza. If you remain at the finish point, other floats and participants may not able to come in, possibly causing an accident.


Restroom & Smoking
- Three restrooms are available during the festival: one is in the subway station (exit no. 5), another is in Seoul Plaza hotel, and the other is a portable toilet run by KQCF (Please check the location on the guide in Seoul Plaza). 
- The portable toilets run by KQCF are gender neutral restrooms.
- As smoking is strictly prohibited in Seoul Plaza, we cannot provide a smoking area.


- Please follow the recycling rules.
- Do not throw away any remaining food or beverages.
- Please limit the amount of plastic bottles/cups and paper that you dispose of. 
- We appreciate your cooperation with recycling as your cooperation helps the volunteers.


First Aid and Emergency
- KQCF will operate an infirmary during the festival.
- If you need medical attention or need a place to rest for a while, feel free to visit.
- The infirmary is located in the entrance of the Seoul Plaza.


Accessibility for the disabled
- Wheelchairs can be used around Seoul Plaza.
- Sign language will be provided during the opening ceremony and celebration.


Responding against hate groups and prevention
- During the festival, conflicts with the hate groups are expected. We worry that individual responses of the participants may escalate to physical confrontations. When you confront an unpleasant situation or feel threated, please let the closest staff member as soon as possible.
- If verbal/physical violence occurs, please note this and record the circumstance and report it to the information booth.
- KQCF is insured for protecting all participants’ safety.

ID Card registration for media/professional for news/photos/videos
-Any media outlets, including ground wave, cable, internet, magazine, newspaper, webzine, school paper, etc., photographers and documentary directors, and those who want to take pictures and cover the festival for non-personal reasons need to be issue a press card. ID card is required when being issued a press card.
- The press card booth will be available from 10 AM to 7PM.
- The press card booth is operated with a the deposit system (1,000 won). It is refundable when the press card is returned. 


2) Main Party
When : June 11th(sat) 2016, from 10 PM
Where : Sevit-Seom, Seoul (683 Olympic-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Line 3,5,9 Express Bus Terminal Exit 8-1(650m, 15 min on foot)

No entry for persons under 19 years

We are OFFICIAL: the annual official party of Korea Queer Culture Festival.
We are PRIDE: our own party by queer staff, for queer people, of queer everywhere.
We are PARTY: the party with international DJs, various performances, drinks, and shows.

FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com/Private Beach
INSTAGRAM : privatebeach.seoul
TWITTER : privatebeach_kr


3) 16th Korea Queer Film Festival
When : June 16th~19th, 2016 (4 days)
Where : Lotte Cinema Broadway Hall 2 (Sinsa station, exit 1)
Address: Gangnam-gu, Dosandaero8-gil 8 (Nonhyun-dong), Seoul

For more information about the films (i.e. languages, subtitles), please visit the English version of the KQFF website
Official website :  http://www.kqff.co.kr
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kqfilmfest/?
Twitter : kqff_kqff


K: Korean E: English KE: Korean + English subtitles
N: other languages NE: other languages + English subtitles
U: no dialogue
GV: Guest Visit  QT: Q-Talk RT: Round Table
All non-Korean language films will be subtitled in Korean.
June 16th (Thu)
20:00 <Opening Ceremony>
Opening Film: While You Weren’t Looking (74min) E

June 17th (Fri)
10:00 Inside the Chinese Closet (72min)
11:50 In the Absence of the Sun (95min)
14:00 [Experimental Shorts: Testing the Boundaries of Queer Films 1] (71min) QT
Be Mine Sometime U/Don’t Step on the Grass N/Moralist Instruction Musical N/Carmina Burana U/Voguing Train with Kemar Jewel U/Washakie and the Boy with Wet Hands E
16:20 [International Shorts 1: Conversations across Time and Space] (111min)
The Typist E/Beyond the Looking Glass/The Saint of Dry Creek E/Headstrong Miss M NE/The Culprit NE/Peacock/Midnight at the Continental E/Veiled NE/B. E
18:45 Dragged E (104min) RT
21:00 Those People E (89min)

June 18th (Sat)
10:00 Opening Film: While You Weren’t Looking (74min) E
11:45 [Special Section: A Tribute to WOM] (137min) RT
Lesbian Censorship in School 1 + OUT: Smashing Homophobia Project
14:35 [International Shorts 2: Intimate and Intense] (99min)
Espresso Doppio U/Dol (First Birthday) E+KE/Fondue chinoise NE/That Little Drive Thing N/Big Time – My Doodled Diary E/LOOKS/XAVIER/Mascaras/Soft Skin, Violence in the Eyes/Pink Dads
16:45 [Korean Shorts 1 : We Break Up and Meet Again] (62min) GV
Confession K/Open K/Something about Us KE/Ultra Bleu E
18:55 [Special Section: A Tribute to WOM] GV
Troublers (98min) KE
21:50 Uncle Howard E (98min)
24:00 <Queer Midnight>
1. Four Moons (111min)
2. The Summer of Sangaile (88min)
3. [Midnight Shorts] (118min)
Floating Melon/Sanguine Craving/The Ballad of Ella Plummhoff NE/Recently in the Woods U/Push Me/Drag King, Julia’s Dream/Boys on the Rooftop

June 19th (Sun)
10:00 This is Gay Propaganda: The LGBT Rights and the War in Ukraine
+ The Priestess Walks Alone NE (108min)
12:25 [Experimental Shorts: Testing the Boundaries of Queer Films 2] (98min) GV+QT
Salad Days K/Tristes Deserts – A Robot’s Tale U/Cannibals/Leftovers E/Paper Thin U
15:10 [Korean Shorts 2 : New Beginnings] (65min) GV
Secret K/I’d Like to Take Photos K/Lemon Summer K/Alice: Crack of Season KE
20:00 <Closing Ceremony>
Closing Film: Suited (78min) E


Opening & Closing Films: 10,000won
Early Morning Discount (for first screenings on Fri, Sat & Sun): 6,000won
General Screenings : 7,000won
Queer Midnight: 15,000won

Online Reservation
Tickets may be purchased online at the Lotte Cinema website (www.lottecinema.co.kr) and through the Lotte Cinema mobile app.

Offline Reservation
Tickets may be purchased at the KQFF ticket office and from the ticket vending machines at the Lotte Cinema Broadway throughout the festival period (June 16th~19th).


4) Special Event
Special Events with the Queer Parade Festival
1. Free hugs & free stickers
 Free hugs and stickers will be given out during the Queer Parade Festival on June 11th

2. Boys and the colours: Portraits of Gay Men
By Heezy Yang
(Illustrator, Photographer, Graphic-novelist, storyteller, performing artist, dancer, singer, party-planner)
Contents: Exhibition of Gay Men's Portraits
When: Opening party will be held on June 4th and the exhibition will continue until June 19th.
Venue: Itaewon Art-bar "The Link"

3. <Moments of the Pride Parade>
By Min-soo Kim, photographer
Contents: Exhibition of Pride Parade moments of Korea Queer Parade Festival, Daegu Queer Parade Festival, and Parade Festivals in Asia (Osaka, Tokyo, and Taiwan).
When: Mon. 23May 23rd ~ Sat. June 18th
Venue: Iricafe(이리카페) near by Sansoo station (337-4, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul)


Donate For Korea Queer Culture Festival
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*Proceeds donated are tax deductible


Donation Account
Woori Bank : 196-211605-13101 (Name : 퀴어문화축제조직위원회)


Donation though Mobile Text Message
Send a text message to #2540-6550, 3000won will be donated to the Korea Queer Culture Festival account. And the billing will specify “information usage fee.” We welcome your repeated messaging.


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