Festival Breakdown  

○ Event: The 15th Annual Korea Queer Festival 2014
○ Program: Queer Parade, After Parties, Korea Queer Film Festival, Exhibitions
○ Organizers: KQCF(Korea Queer Culture Festival)
○ Slogan: Love Conquers Hate

 The 15th Annual Korea Queer Festival 2014 believes that everyone who lives in this society has to be respected as an individual and that no one has the right to hate or suppress anyone else. We also assert that no one should be hated or excluded because of their sexuality. Together with the slogan ‘Love Conquers Hate’, which is the name of the campaign spreading throughout the world against Russia's anti-gay discrimination, the festival wishes to protest against the oppression of LGBT people in Russia and Korea, and show support and solidarity within the LGBT community.

1. Pride Parade
- When: June 7th, 2014 from 12:00PM-6:00PM
- Where: Sinchon Yonsei-ro, Seoul
- Content: Event Booths, Opening Ceremony, Pride Parade(4:30PM~5:30PM), Closing Ceremony, Exhibitions etc.
- How to Join: Pride parade is open for everyone. There is no fee or requirement for participation. But, please register at the registration booth by 4pm to be part of the parade.
- Instructions for Press: Interviews and video recordings by the press to be used for broadcasting, magazines, newspapers, and webzines are only available after being issued press cards. Video recordings will not be allowed without prior consultation.

2. After Parties

(1) Retro-style Party ‘Reply 2000’
-When: June 7th, 2014 from 8PM- 5AM
-Where: Club BABYLON in Itaewon
-Cover: 15,000 WON(1 free Drink, 13,000 WON if you buy it at the Parade Booth)
Korea Queer Pride began in 2000. This will be a retro-style party to commemorate the beginning and to remember the beautiful and meaningful memories we have had. Dance music from 2000 will be played and the dress code is ‘retro-style’.

(2) Non-alcohol party ‘Laugh Out Loud(LOL)’
-When: June 7th, 2014 from 4:40PM-9PM
-Where: Bar FLY in Sinchon
-Cover: 8,000WON(1 free Drink)
The concept of this party is ‘Angel and Devil’ and will be a non-alcoholic party for all ages. Dress code is ‘White & Red’ or ‘Black & Red’.

3. Korea Queer Film Festival
-When: June 12th-15th, 2014
-Where: Sungmisan Theater (Mapogu, Seoul)
-Content: About 30 queer films including animations, documentaries and experimental films will be screened.
-Homepage: www.kqff.co.kr
○ For additional information please visit:
 - Official Homepage: www.kqcf.org
 - Facebook: www.facebook.com/kqcf2000 / Twitter: www.twitter.com/kqcf

Instructions for Press
1. Video recording and photographing are only available after issued press cards.
2. Without valid Press Card, photographing, video recording, or interviewing will not be allowed.
If found, will be restrained by staff members.
3. Individuals, wish to take picture or record video, MUST get a “PHOTOGRAPHY PERMISSION ID CARD”.
4. NO-PHOTOGRAPHY sticker and the red band system have been taken out of the parade since 2010, therefore, please reporters and individuals should be more careful to prevent violating portrait rights.

* Video shooting is only allowed to the individual or group who ask consent on plan and shooting before 3 days of the Festival. Please e-mail to kqcf@naver.com beforehand. (Shooting planning, purpose, affiliation(individual/group), contact are required)

Press and Photography permission ID Card Issue Guide
1. The cards will be issued during 12p.m.-4p.m. only.
2. A separate card issuance booth will be set near the stage. Please visit on the day.
3.  Fill in the application forms; tell us the purpose of reporting, and brief user guide will be provided. Sign to agreement form then Press card will be issued.
4. Many participants may not want to be photographed. Please ask for permission.
5. Any refusal to be photographed means one does not allow their faces not only on media but also on anyone’s private blog, café and etc. Also, you are required to get permission of each individual in the picture.  If it is inevitable to use any picture without permission, make sure blur faces so no one can recognize.
6. Deposit System. 1,000 won per card. Started 2012, for the Press Card and Photography Permission ID Card, we collect deposits to prevent from not returning the cards. We ask people to return it each year; however, we hardly ever have it back. We appreciate your understanding and support.